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The Heart Flow

The Heart Flow by David Yarian PhDThis is a lovely Intimacy Practice that invites contact and nourishes the participants with a profound flow of energy.

Face your partner and make eye contact. You can be standing or sitting. Smile.  Pay attention to your breath as you drink in the energy of your partner’s presence. Notice what you see in your partner’s eyes without forming words of description. Stay out of your head by immersing yourself in the sensations of your body. Gently notice your mouth, your throat, chest, abdomen, back, legs, feet. What sensations are you aware of now?

After a minute or so, both participants place their right hand on the partner’s heart chakra. This is at the level of the physical heart, but at the centerline of the chest. Spread your fingers slightly and allow your palm to rest gently upon your partner’s chest. Take a slow, deep breath, filling the lungs completely. Gently release the breath. Maintain eye contact.

Now place your left hand over your partner’s right hand which is resting upon your heart. Hold their hand against your body with the amount of contact and pressure you want. Take another slow, deep breath and gently release it.

As you breathe in, imagine that you are drawing positive energy into your heart. Visualize it arising in your partner’s heart and flowing through their arm and hand. Allow it to penetrate deeply into your chest.

As you breathe out, imagine that you send the loving energy of your heart through your arm and hand directly into your partner’s heart.

Maintain eye contact. Focus on your breathing. Imagine loving erotic energies flowing from your partner’s heart into your heart. Add your breath and send the powerful energy back to your partner’s heart.

Nothing is expected. There is only the Moment of each breath and its delicious energy, the eternal inhale and exhale of the Universe.

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