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Sex Positive Perspective by David Yarian PhD

Sex Positive Perspective

The Sex Positive movement The Sex Positive movement is an important development in thinking about sexuality. This perspective regards sex as a positive attribute of human life, rather than a negative and frightening force to be repressed and controlled. The sex positive movement sees all mutually consensual sexual behavior as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable. Pleasure, [...]

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Better Sex

Better Sex

Media Representations of Sex Are Often Unrealistic Have better sex! Trumpets the headline of the latest Cosmo/MensWomensHealthFit mags in the checkout line at the grocery. By which they usually mean, have more sex/orgasms with more chiseled abs more times maybe with more partners. The net result of this approach to sexuality “education” is to make [...]

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Do Kegels to improve your sexual performance and strengthen the PC muscle

Kegels strengthen the PC muscle Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D.’s useful blog post Kegel Exercises Offer Sexual Benefits to Both Women and Men notes that researchers have discovered that Kegel exercises, which were originally developed to help women with urinary control issues after childbirth, also offer sexual benefits to both women and men. Kegel exercises are the rhythmic [...]

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