Sex Positive Perspective by David Yarian PhD

Sex Positive Perspective

The Sex Positive movement The Sex Positive movement is an important development in thinking about sexuality. This perspective regards sex as a positive attribute of human life, rather than a negative and frightening force to be repressed and controlled. The sex positive movement sees all mutually consensual sexual behavior as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable. Pleasure, [...]

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The Mindful Practice of Intimacy by David Yarian PhD

The Mindful Practice of Intimacy

(This article was originally published in the Summer 2015 issue of NPI Reflects, the quarterly journal of the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute.) Low Desire is a common reason for seeking Sex Therapy Since becoming a certified sex therapist in 2004, I’ve worked with many couples who present with “low desire,” a rather subjective term. Remember Woody [...]

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Sex and Drugs

In response to “A Pill to Boost Female Libido” (NY Times 6-12-2015) and “I’m a feminist. Here’s why I don’t support the ‘female Viagra’” (Washington Post 6-8-2015) Quest for the “Female Viagra”Pharmaceutical companies have long been engaged in a quest for the “female Viagra,” a drug to treat female sexual dysfunction. Now an advisory panel, on [...]

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