Sex Therapy

sex-therapyYour sexual relationship may suffer from low desire, sexual performance difficulties, sexual pain, poor communication, or the aftereffects of sexual trauma or infidelity. Sex therapy, for couples or individuals, brings a multidimensional approach to help you resolve these issues and enjoy a pleasurable and satisfying sexual life.

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Sex Addiction Treatment

sex-addictionAre you – or your partner – struggling with out of control sexual behavior? Sexuality is a powerful force. When it is charged with adrenaline from excitement or danger, or used to medicate painful feelings, it can have the power of an addiction. Focused treatment can help you reclaim a healthy sexuality.

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Sex Coaching

Sex CoachingYou may have an enjoyable and satisfying sexual relationship -- and wonder if it could be even better! Sex coaching, employing techniques of Tantric sexuality, can open transcendent possibilities for you and your partner. Explore the meditative approach to sexuality using Intimacy Practices. Learn more . . .
We welcome persons of all sexual orientations, lifestyles, and preferences to our practice.
We are pleased to be Kink Aware Professionals!


Erotic Education

Joy of Making Love
Your online resource for adult erotic education. Over 500 curated books | music | videos:
• eroticism and desire | sexual ecstasy
• erotic poetry | fiction | memoir | art | film
• intimate relationships | sexual technique
• BDSM | polyamory | swinging
• erotic education for men | women
• Tantra | Kama Sutra | Taoist sexual practice

The Guide to Self Help Books
See sections on:
• Sexuality and Sex Education
• Women and Men's Sexual Health
• Intimate Relationships: Relationship Advice
• Tantra

Online Sex Therapy

• private and confidential • convenient • flexible schedule • for individuals or couples
• easy to use HIPAA-compliant secure video platform (like Skype)

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact David Yarian PhD or Sandi Anders MDiv.

Due to Covid 19 safety precautions, we are providing TeleHealth Services by FaceTime, GoToMeeting, or phone.

Intensive Sex Therapy Program

Do longstanding unresolved issues threaten the foundation of your relationship?

Are you ready to build a “new relationship” – one that meets your needs as adults?

Do you want to transform an already good relationship into a great one?

Sex Therapy Associates’ three and four day residential Intensive Programs are tailored to your unique needs. David Yarian, PhD and Sandi Anders, MDiv will meet with you individually and as a couple for intensive work to help you kickstart your process of change. Programs take place in our Nashville office. Contact Dr. Yarian for more information.

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